Monday, November 9, 2009

Rooster update name is Rooster....they started out calling me
Buddy Blue...but I like Rooster better...I'm named after
a old guy Rooster Cogburn from a John Wayne movie..
I like my new home...I have 3 brothers and one sister..
I've learned how to use the doggy door...sometimes I get
stuck but finally plop through....I like chasing Jake around....
Nolan throws his ball at me and let's me chew on it for a while..
then he takes it away....JD keeps a good watch on me to make
sure I stay out of trouble...Bliss plays with me when no one is

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Bettan said...

He is so cute, the little guy.We are looking forward to the day when we are going to get "our"dog.( berneese mountin dog/ bernersennen in swedish).We got a frien who´s got a big male berneese, called Atlas, we love the guy.
He´s visiting us now and then. Kram sytanten